PackageDescription: Compression-ZLib-Extensions

Compression - Z Lib - Extensions

Last published: October 29, 2006 by 'JoachimGeidel'

Defines 7 Classes
Extends 1 Classes

This package adds some utility functions to OS.ZLib.ZLibInterface which are not implemented in VisualWorks 7.4.1. In particular, it implements compression and uncompression using the compress(), compress2(), and uncompress() functions for in-memory compression of ByteArrays. The package also defines Error classes corresponding to ZLib error codes. The Errors are raised when a function implemented in this package answers an error code.

This package may become obsolete when future versions of VisualWorks implement the functions provided here.
When publishing new versions of this package, please choose a version string which shows on which version of the Compression-ZLib parcel it is based, followed by a consecutive number.