PackageDescription: CompareDifferentMethods

Compare Different Methods

Last published: July 30, 2007 by 'bobw'

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This package extends the ChangeList, the Browser and the Store comparison browser so that you can compare a selected method with any other method in the system (a new menu item called "Differator this with..."). Admittedly, this is a little limited and painful to use. However, it can sometimes be useful when methods that exist in different hierarchies.

The package extends the IncrementalSearchDialog and IncrementalSearchDialog to allow for incremental searching on all methods in the system. For example the following do-it will open up a method browser on a selected method (if any):

(IncrementalSearchDialog requestSpecificSelector: 'Specify specific selector:' initialEntry: 'send*th') ifNotNil:
MethodCollector new
openListBrowserOn: (Array with: md)
label: 'Method Browser']

These menu items should work with 7.5, and might even work earlier.

Bob Westergaard