PackageDescription: Compact Code Formatter

Compact Code Formatter

Last published: February 20, 2012 by 'chaider'

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A code formatter for compact and structured code.

This formatter suits my personal style - not everybody will like it and it is not configurable. You are warned!

The formatter installs itself in the system through the package postLoad script which calls "CodeFormatter postLoad".
Ctrl-o will now use this formatter.

There is an associated package [Compact Code Formatter Tests] with examples and as safety net for modifications.

copyright Christian Haider 2009. MIT licence

Three problems are bugging me (not so bad that I do something about it...):
1. comments in code produces an extra ugli newline (method comments are fine and you should not have so many comments in code anyways).
2. selectors with two block arguments like #ifTrue:ifFalse or #ifNil:ifNotNil: are missing one indentation and are not formatting the two arguments the same way.
3. blocks after #and: or #or: are indented to much.
otherwise, it does a good job for my formatting taste.