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Coding Feel

Last published: May 29, 2003 by 'lvovin'

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This is a bunch of coding enhancements centered around a new UI feel policy called CodingFeelPolicy. To make the system to use this policy use the UIFeel tab in Launcher>>File>>Settings. Coding Feel can be further customized via added 'Coding Feel' tab in VW Settings notebook. Once the Coding UIFeel is selected as the default UI feel any new text view will provide following enhancements:

1) Additional key bindings for frequently used actions, e.g. printIt:, inspectIt:, etc. (Coding Feel Settings page provides a binding summary via its button).
2) If AutoComplete is loaded it adds Alt-Space key binding for it (should be familiar to VA Java users)

Adds abbreviation support invoked by typing Ctrl-Space after the abbreviation. If the abbreviation is unknown it lets you define the meaning. Another way of adding an abbreviation is selecting the desired expansion text and hitting the abbreviation expansion key (Ctrl-Space). The dictionary of abbreviations can be viewed and updated via the Coding Feel Settings tab. See CodingFeelPolicy class > ''abbreviations'' protocol for more details