PackageDescription: CairoGraphics-Wrappers

Cairo Graphics - Wrappers

Last published: October 28, 2007 by 'JoachimGeidel'

Defines 2 Classes
Extends 30 Classes

CairoGraphics-Wrappers is a feasibility study to investigate if it is possible to use CairoGraphics to render Wrapper-based user interfaces without having to rewrite their rendering code.

The package provides a CairoWrapper which holds onto a CairoContext, and can be used to wrap a VisualComponent. A CairoWrapper displays its component on a CairoGraphicsContext, which accepts the same display methods as a normal ScreenGraphicsContext. A CairoGraphicsContext uses a CairoContext for output instead of the VM's primitives where possible. If a VisualComponent does not work with CairoWrapper out of the box, override the method renderOn: as a replacement for displayOn:.

While the package contains additions to several VisualComponents, this does not mean that all of them will be displayed correctly if wrapped in a CairoWrapper, given the current state of the implementation. The package should already work for custom VisualComponents which render graphics and simple text labels. Using a DoubleBufferingWindowDisplayPolicy does not seem to work with CairoWrapper.

For examples, see the package CairoGraphics-Wrappers-Examples.

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