PackageDescription: CairoGraphics-Wrappers-Examples

Cairo Graphics - Wrappers - Examples

Last published: September 12, 2007 by 'JoachimGeidel'

Defines 2 Classes
Extends 9 Classes

This package contains some examples for CairoGraphics-Wrappers.

- CairoWrapperTestVisual: Evaluate the code in the method comments of the instance methods in the category 'displaying'.

- Akamaru (needs version 5.1 or later): Evaluate 'DemoUI open'. There will be an additional display mode called 'Classic GC with CairoWrapper'. In this mode, Akamaru uses a visualization which uses the same code for rendering its components as the ClassicVisualization (i.e. using the interface of GraphicsContext only), but wraps it in a CairoWrapper. The only difference from the ClassicVisualization is in the way it implements double buffering. If it didn't do this, it would draw on a Pixmap without Cairo, and copy the Pixmap on the screen using Cairo. This wouldn't be very impressive. ;-)

- Example methods on the class side of several classes: These methods are copied from the Examples parcel which comes with VisualWorks. They simply wrap the VisualComponents which are used in the examples in a CairoWrapper. If you want to compare the result with the original, see the corresponding methods in Examples.