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Cairo Graphics - Windows

Last published: October 28, 2007 by 'JoachimGeidel'

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CairoGraphics-Windows is a feasibility study to investigate if it is possible to use CairoGraphics to render arbitrary VisualWorks user interfaces while still using the "old" GraphicsContext protocol. While the package CairoGraphics-Wrappers implements the basic compatibility layer and a CairoWrapper which can be used to render a single component of a Window with CairoGraphics, CairoGraphics-Windows lets you render the complete contents of an arbitrary Window with CairoGraphics. There are several ways to enable CairoGraphics output for a Window:
* Override ApplicationModel>>usesCairoGraphics to answer true. If the ApplicationModel is the application of an ApplicationWindow or the model of a ScheduledWindow or ApplicationWindow, the window will create a CairoGraphicsContext in its graphicsContext method, send renderOn: instead of displayOn: to its component, and send renderDamageList:in: instead of displayDamageList:in: to its damageRepairPolicy.
* For ScheduledWindows with a model which is not an ApplicationModel, implement usesCairoGraphics in the model's class such that it answers true.
* If you want to know how far you can go, evaluate

CairoGraphics.UseCairoForAllWindows := true.

Save your image before doing this!

DoubleBufferingWindowDisplayPolicy does not use double buffering when used with a Cairo based Window. This is intented, because DoubleBufferingWindowDisplayPolicy currently does not work with CairoGraphics, and double buffering should be done using CairoGraphicsContext>>groupWhile: anyway.

* CairoGraphics version 69 or later.
* CairoGraphics-Wrappers 12 or later.
* CairoGraphics-Widgets

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