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Cairo Graphics - Widgets

Last published: October 28, 2007 by 'JoachimGeidel'

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CairoGraphics-Wrappers is a feasibility study to investigate if it is possible to use CairoGraphics to render VisualWorks widgets. To render widgets with CairoGraphics, you have two options:
* Use a CairoWrapper as the container of a widget.
* Use a Window which uses a CairoGraphicsContext. You need CairoGraphics-Windows for this.

* CairoGraphics version 69 or later.
* CairoGraphics-Wrappers 12 or later.

If you want to contribute or fix bugs, please use version names like "n.xx.m", where n is the number of the version on which your changes are based, xx are your initials, and m is a sequential number. Please describe your changes in the blessing comment of your version.

If you want to reach the original author, send an email to joachim geidel acm org or post a message to the vwnc mailing list.