PackageDescription: BootStrapLight

Boot Strap Light

Last published: October 18, 2018 by 'mmostert'

Defines 32 Classes
Extends 22 Classes

That is a very small library that will do things like

((Div class: 'text-center g-mb-50')
addChild: ((H2 class: 'h4' text: 'Timline yes')
addChild: (Span class: 'g-color-primary g-ml-5' text: '#02 yes yes '))) resolve.

Which returns:

Timline yes
#02 yes yes

You can also mix smalltalk with html like:

^(Li class: 'col-md-12 g-mb-40' comment: 'Timeline Content')
addChild: ((Div class: 'row')
addChild: ‘

’ )

Which will resolve like: