PackageDescription: AmberProjectDemo

Amber Project Demo

Last published: May 30, 2012 by 'shaffer'

Defines 2 Classes
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A demo for the AmberProject framework. Sample Swazoo config:

"Evaluate next line if you want to clear your current server config."
"SwazooServer singleton stop; removeAllSites."
site := (SwazooServer singleton siteNamed: 'amber') ifNil: [SwazooSite newNamed: 'amber'].
site host: '*' port: 8889.
site addResource:
(root := CompositeResource uriPattern: '/').
root addResource:
(AmberResource uriPattern: 'amber').
project := DemoProject new.
root addResource:
((AmberProjectResource uriPattern: 'demo')
project: project;
addDelegate: (project indexMainClass: 'DemoWindow' selector: 'open');
addDelegate: project commitHandler;
addDelegate: project browserHandler).
site start.