PackageDescription: All SmalltyPy(Bundle)

All Smallty Py

Last published: February 22, 2021 by 'heeg'

Bundle 'All SmalltyPy' combines the base product, the tests and the examples showing how to connect the two worlds of Cincom Smalltalk and Python.
After installation, a new menu 'Python' is added to the Launcher, which provides quick links to the help system and tools for module review.

After loading this bundle from Store, a dialog may report that no suitable Python version could be found.
If this happened, please install a 64-bit variant of Python 3.7 or 3.8 (recommended versions), and try to load 'All SmalltyPy' again.
When starting an image with SmalltyPy loaded, logs in the Transcript may indicate that no Python could be found during startup.
In this case, ensure that either Python 3.7 or 3.8 is installed correctly, and that you can execute 'python -V' or 'python3 -V' from a command line or terminal,
which will show the version of your installation; it should be one of 3.6.*, 3.7.*, 3.8.* or 3.9.*.
Try to start the image again.
If you have multiple Python versions installed, SmalltyPy will try to use the newest version.
Open the SmalltyPy page in the SettingsTool to review the automatically chosen version.
You may switch to another version from the menu, and please read the advice thoroughly on how to proceed!

In order to run the SmalltyPy tests and the examples, certain Python modules are expected to be installed.
Choose 'Python->Modules Installed' from the VisualLauncher menu bar to review your Python setup.
The tool will show all SmalltyPy-desired components, and a reported version indicates that a module is installed.
Missing components may be checked in the list and can be installed (or uninstalled) by the tool.
However, some modules are only available for certain platforms, that is why you should review the installation log closely, sometimes a module cannot be installed.
After the installation by the tool, the list will update the version information for all successfully installed components.
A filter checkBox allows you to review all installed components.

Look into package GHPythonConnect-Tests, which shows basic usage patterns of how SmalltyPy can interface to Python code embedded in SUnit tests.
Bundle 'SmalltyPy Examples' contains applications composed of a VisualWorks and a Python part. Please read the package comments for any additional prerequisites.

SmalltyPy was tested on Linux, Windows and MacOSX, and is only compatible with the 64Bit Versions of both VisualWorks and Python.

Have Fun!

Georg Heeg eK