PackageDescription: Agmen(Bundle)


Last published: April 7, 2008 by 'dmaxim1234'

Agmen is a strategy space-game in 2D. To win you have to conquer the galaxy.

Do whatever you want with this, but remove my name if you change any game resource or put a licence.
Contact info:

To start the game, evaluate in a workspace:
Agmen.AgmenMenu open.


About the interface:
1. The game has three speeds and a paused mode. To change between speeds press: 1, 2 or 3. To pause the game press "space";
2. There is a simple ingame help.

Known bugs:
1. Some problems with the message box, it is not centering texts;
2. I forgot to remove some inverted commas from message subjects added by AgmenParser;
3. Texts are written in a bad English :) .