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Tom Nies

How do I know what the system requirements are to run Cincom VisualWorks?

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Cincom® VisualWorks® 8.3 runs on workstations with the following minimum system configurations:

General Disk and Memory Requirements

  • -512 MB of memory minimum (development environment)
  • Apx. 610 MB disk space for default installation
  • Apx. 780 MB disk space for full, single platform installation
  • Apx. 1.2 GB disk space for full installation with all platforms
  • CD-ROM drive (for installation)
Microsoft Windows x86
  • A PC or compatible with an Intel Pentium compatible processor
  • Windows 10, 8.x, 7, Server 2008
Microsoft Windows x64
  • Windows 10, 8.x, 7, Server 2012, 2008 R2
  • 32-bit requires at least SPARC V7 processor architecture
  • 64-bit requires at least SPARC V9 processor architecture
  • Solaris 11, 10
  • AIX workstation with POWER processor
  • AIX release 7.x or 6.x
Apple OS X
  • Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10), Mavericks (10.9), or Mountain Lion (10.8)
Apple OS X – X11
  • Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10), Mavericks (10.9), or Mountain Lion (10.8)
  • X11 libraries for Mac OS X
Linux x86/x86-64
  • 32-bit requires a Intel Pentium compatible processor
  • 64-bit requires an AMD x86-64 compatible processor
  • Linux kernel version 2.4 or later
  • GNU glibc version 2.5 or later
  • libx11 1.0.3, zlib1.2.3 (RHEL 5.4 equivalent)
  • A POWER-compatible processor
  • A linux distribution with a 2.6 kernel or higher
  • GNU glibc version 2.5-42 or later
  • libx11 1.0.3, zlib1.2.3 (RHEL 5.4 equivalent)
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