Largest Provider of Commercial Smalltalk
Cincom is one of the largest commercial providers of Smalltalk, with twice as many partners and customers than other commercial providers.

Tom Nies

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A medium-sized enterprise plans the enhancement of its market position in a highly competitive market dominated by large providers.


Object-oriented implementation of a series of existing network management solutions in order to allow for faster responses to customer and market requirements.Selection of a development environment:
  • Based on an object-oriented approach
  • Providing options for developing a flexible framework architecture and for using parameterized object classes – via meta-programming
  • Able to fully connect to a database
  • Allowing for easy GUI creation
  • Providing code-generating features independent of the operating system


  • Cincom® VisualWorks®


  • Higher-than-average growth in a highly competitive market – 15 to 20 percent annually
  • Increased productivity: development times reduced by a factor of 10
  • Improved quality: error rates in software programming reduced to less than 30 percent
  • Higher flexibility: options for quick responses to customer and market requirements
  • Outstanding integration facilities: fast and smooth interface integration
  • Higher profitability: discovering unused network resource