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Reawakening the Smalltalk Standards Process

The Smalltalk standards process is currently being examined and “reawakened” via an approach known as STEPs. STEPs is an acronym for Smalltalk Enhancement Proposals.  They are design documents that provide information about the Smalltalk language, library or environment, or describe a new feature. STEPs are meant to drive discussion of features in the Smalltalk community, and are intended to be the primary mechanisms for proposing new features to the community as well as to a standards body.

In the course of this reawakening, the topic of the Smalltalk standards process has made its way to the Smalltalk Industry Council (STIC) board agenda, and apparently it’s raising significant interest, particularly in the area of Foreign Function Interfaces (FFIs).

The “Knights of the STEPs” have awaken from their slumber and believe that possibly the best way to work with STIC in the context of this project and their FFI objectives is via an FFI STEP document. To access the wiki that describes this effort, visit: