PackageDescription: Aragon - Community Edition(Bundle)

Aragon - Community Edition

Last published: March 1, 2018 by 'niallr'

Aragon - Community Edition

This bundle contains only those Aragon parcels that are actively maintained by the VW community.

This version works in VisualWorks 8.3 and after, and will be a contributed (unsupported) item in those distributions. If you publish enhancements or fixes, and wish them to be considered for inclusion in the distribution of a future release, please post to vw-dev / vwnc, or otherwise inform us.

See the copyright notices in the comments of the individual packages.

Aragon.Widgets installs Smalltalk namespace references to Aragon widget specs on loading. Before saving a new version of this as bundle (or parcel), execute
Aragon.AragonSpecsInstaller uninstallWidgetSpecs
If you plan to continue using the image from which you saved, execute
Aragon.AragonSpecsInstaller installWidgetSpecs
after saving. (The pre-unload block of Aragon.Widgets calls #uninstallWidgetSpecs but arguably this is needless, as specific classes' #obsolete calls do the same thing; it may improve unloadings robustness.)