The VisualWorks package provides
one of the best software development environments. Lam software engineers have been able to focus their efforts on the control functionality or control enhancements that provide a product differentiation for the Lam 300mm equipment.

Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing
Browse through any IT website and you’ll see that cloud computing is one of the hottest topics trending these days.  With Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, HP and a host of others joining the mix, this technology is growing by leaps and bounds.  Many people, though, are still reluctant to jump on board.  Perhaps it’s the fear of a new technology or lack of understanding that causes such hesitation.   To help offset some of that hesitancy, we want to offer some education, resources and understanding on the subject.
  • To watch a three minute introduction to the basics of cloud computing, click here.

What Cloud Computing Is

According to Wikipedia, “Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid.”

Why Should You Care About Cloud Computing

The cloud allows computing to be, like the electric grid, simple, ubiquitous, reliable, and scalable.  It allows a “pay for use” arrangement, without the typical capital investment in equipment.  This allows a lower risk approach to growing a business or project.  In the current economic climate, low risk is very attractive.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Lower costs – Lower up front investments.
  • Reliability – Utility like reliability.
  • Grow instantly – Sudden success can often sink a business, when they can’t expand quickly enough.
  • Immediate scalability – Allows immediate expandable storage.
  • Improve Strategy – Allows you to focus on more important, higher margin activities to your business.
  • Reduce Risk – Allows businesses to explore more opportunities, and experiment with high risk, high reward solutions, reducing reliability risks.

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