With constant demands for
cost-savings, it is rewarding for us to have a development tool that is both appropriate and productive.

Lennart Stenberg, Swedish National Tax Authority

ObjectStudio White Paper: The ObjectStudio Development Environment

ObjectStudio is the premier pure Windows Smalltalk development environment. It is a complete, object-oriented application development suite of tools for designing and assembling customized applications. ObjectStudio promotes a highly productive and interactive development style backed with a powerful architecture and comprehensive toolsets. Providing complete access to all standard Windows services, ObjectStudio allows developers of native Windows applications to provide a complete solution that fits cleanly into a Microsoft-centric infrastructure. ObjectStudio offers significant new advantages including integration with Cincom’s powerful VisualWorks® object-oriented development environment and high-speed development capabilities. ObjectStudio simplifies the development process by leveraging the power of component-based technology, enabling developers to:
  • Model business objects
  • Map business objects to data stores
  • Manage objects with a team approach
  • Access all standard Windows services
  • Incorporate web services and server connectivity via VisualWorks
  • Integrate with databases and legacy applications

Download a PDF version of this white paper.