Smalltalk and ObjectStudio
have enabled us to build a true small-business framework which we can reutilize and tailor for each new customer context.

Serge Lehmann, EBC Informatique Project Manager

SiouX: A Modern HTTP Server by Cincom Smalltalk (ESUG’14)

In this presentation, Cincom engineer, Jerry Kott, will present an architectural overview, do a configuration walkthrough of Cincom VisualWorks’ HTTP server named “SiouX” and demonstrate the new web application development framework named “AppeX.” SiouX and AppeX are built in our Cincom Smalltalk foundation and work in both ObjectStudio and VisualWorks. With the upcoming release of VisualWorks 8.0 foundation, Cincom is providing new tools to enhance a developer’s ability to develop rich-behavior web applications. SiouX is a lightweight, high-performance HTTP server with native streaming support, and it is now the underlying server for all VisualWorks web components, replacing multiple servers. SiouX’s flexibility and scalability allows the easy integration of Seaside, Web Services and other web technologies all running on the same server. Example applications that will be included in VisualWorks 8.0 will be used to demonstrate the different aspects of server configuration and integration of diverse applications in a single VW image. AppeX is Cincom’s new application development framework for the web. AppeX is built on top of the SiouX server and supports seamless writing of object-oriented Javascript code inside Cincom Smalltalk IDEs, as well as automatic session management and server event notification with Server-Sent Events (SSEs). The presentation will discuss key features of AppeX using ServerMonitor, the web-based SiouX management tool, as an example. This was presented at the 2014 European Smalltalk User Group Conference.