With constant demands for
cost-savings, it is rewarding for us to have a development tool that is both appropriate and productive.

Lennart Stenberg, Swedish National Tax Authority

AppeX: Cincom Smalltalk’s Next Generation Web Application Development Framework (ESUG’14)

Jerry Kott of Cincom Systems will demonstrate building a web application that can be accessed live by the workshop participants. The application will be created using AppeX, Cincom’s new web development framework. Workshop participants will learn how to remotely manage a SiouX HTTP server and how to build a “starter” HTML page. Using several different web application scenarios, Jerry will show the participants how to integrate a third-party Javascript library in an AppeX web application, how to activate web session management and how Server-Sent Events (SSE) are used in AppeX to provide server-to-client event notification. As a final step, the web application will be augmented to support offline access from mobile devices. The workshop will include a live demo showing key features of AppeX with live examples.  This was presented at the 2014 European Smalltalk User Group Conference.