After using VisualWorks
for over a month I am impressed by the great improvement VisualWorks has made and all previous bugs now have gone. It s the best IDE I ve ever seen for native language programming. Thanks a lot.

Jim G.


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The ThreePaneSelectorsBrowser package enhances ”Implementors for Selector…” and ”Senders for Selector…” in the Cincom® VisualWorks® System Browser. Instead of a single dialog that prompts for a selector and shows you the first match, this package opens up a three pane browser that allows you to change the search criteria by altering the input text box. By searching for *test*, the left hand pane lists all selectors that match *test*, clicking on them shows either implementors/senders of that selector. The selector list is a multiselect list, allowing the developer to pick and choose selectors in the browser. Written by Steve Aldred, Michael Lucas-Smith, and Thomas Brodt.