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Tom Nies

Legacy PostgreSQL–Protocol 2.0

This component provides the PostgreSQL driver for protocol 2.0, along with a Base64Encoding utility and the Sport dialect-neutrality framework.  These items were created by Bruce Badger of OpenSkills, and are licensed under the LGPL. The protocol 2.0 driver was the standard means of connecting to PostgreSQL in VisualWorks 7.10.1 and earlier and was included in the distribution as a goodie in those releases.  In VisualWorks 8.0 and after, drivers for connecting to Postgres over protocol 3.0 are provided in the core product and are the recommended and supported way to connect to PostgreSQL. This component is available here for any user who wishes to defer upgrading. AFTER INSTALLING:

a.) This component contains a parcel contributed/PostgreSQL/PostgreSQLEXDI which provides the main API for calling the protocol 2.0 driver.

b.) The VisualWorks 8.0 installation also contains a parcel of the same name preview/database/PostgreSQLEXDI which maps calls on the protocol 2.0 driver to calls on the protocol 3.0 socket driver (see its parcel comment).

After you install this component, parcel ( a) will be found first in your path so will be loaded by any pre-reqing component. To load parcel ( b), you must select it explicitly in the ParcelManager or a FileBrowser. (If you wish to make ( b) the default load while keeping this component installed, move parcel ( b) from preview/database to database.) PostgreSQL provides access to PostgreSQL databases using a TCP/IP socket connection. Use of a socket-level interface eliminates the dependency on platform-specific .dll or .so files. Components: The library is made up of following …
  • PostgreSQLDriver – The dialect independent driver layer.
  • PostgreSQLLogging – Support for logging (tracing) message traffic between the driver running in a client and the PostgreSQL backend.
  • PostgreSQLEXDI – Mapping from the VisualWorks EXDI layer to the driver layer.
  • OldStoreForPostgreSQL – In 7.10.1 and earlier, enables the use of the Store SCM with PostgreSQL using the EXDI & driver layers.
    • Use StoreForPostgres (included in the 8.0 distribution) to use this component with Postgres. (If you have any difficulty seeing the PostgreSQLEXDIConnection class after loading PostgreSQLEXDI from this component, unload and reload StoreForPostgres). The OldStoreForPostgreSQL preserves old – mostly 7.7.1 and earlier – code which it is possible a utility might still use.
  • PostgreSQLMonitor – A crude but sometimes useful tool for listing the currently active connections to PostgreSQL databases and a window for monitoring the traffic flowing over a selected connection.
The library depends upon the following …
  • Sport – A mapping library containing wrappers for base code which has a different implementation in different Smalltalk dialects.
  • OSkStreams – Stream utilities.
  • OSkLogger – A logging library which can log from multiple sources to multiple sincs.
  • OSkSocketServices – Stream classes for use with TCP/IP sockets
  • Base64Encoding – An implementation of the Base64 MIME encoding used to manipulate BLOB type data.
© 2000 – 2013 Bruce Badger. Licensed under the LGPL (Library (or Lesser) General Public License).
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