Smalltalk and ObjectStudio
have enabled us to build a true small-business framework which we can reutilize and tailor for each new customer context.

Serge Lehmann, EBC Informatique Project Manager


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NOTE: BottomFeeder does not work in Cincom® VisualWorks® 8.0. The untimely death of James Robertson, its creator and champion, means it will not work there or in later releases (unless another champion should step forward from the community).
BottomFeeder was written by James Robertson, with significant contributions by David Murphy, Rich Demers, Michael Lucas-Smith and others. Its use falls under the Artistic License.
Follow these download links for the application binaries. Note that the Windows download is an installer. BottomFeeder is a cross platform, open source RSS/Atom News Aggregator, built in Smalltalk. › To learn more, visit

Current (4.7) Version Links

Updated December 11, 2010 – DEV (4.7) Version Links

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