Largest Provider of Commercial Smalltalk
Cincom is one of the largest commercial providers of Smalltalk, with twice as many partners and customers than other commercial providers.

Tom Nies

Contributed Components

Welcome to the Contributed Component section of our website.  Here you can find all of the contributed components available with our current product offerings.  Although some of these may have active external maintainers, these contributed components are not supported by Cincom.
If you have developed an application and need help promoting it, consider joining the Cincom Smalltalk Partner Program. This program offers our current users an opportunity to assist in marketing their applications or services to help partners and users grow their brands and increase the usage of their Cincom Smalltalk applications.  If you are interested in this program,  click here.

Components No Longer on the Distribution

These components are no longer on the distribution, but can be downloaded and installed just like selectable distributed components.
  • Aida/Web—Aida/Web is a Smalltalk Web Framework and Application Server.
  • BottomFeeder—BottomFeeder is an RSS/Atom News Aggregator.NOTE: BottomFeeder does not work in Cincom® VisualWorks® 8.0. The untimely death of James Robertson, its creator, and champion, means it will not work there or in later releases (unless another champion should step forward from the community).  The same is true of James’ Silt utility. Silt is a blog server implementation for VisualWorks 7.x.
  • DoME (Domain Modeling Environment)—An extensible collection of integrated model-editing, meta-modeling, and analysis tools.
  • Jun for Smalltalk—A 3D multimedia graphics library that supports topology and geometry.
  • Legacy PostgreSQL (Protocol 2.0)—This component provides the PostgreSQL driver for protocol 2.0, along with a Base64Encoding utility and the Sport dialect-neutrality framework.
  • Swazoo—Swazoo is an open source, vendor-agnostic, dialect-neutral Smalltalk web server with resource and web request resolution framework.

Components on the Distribution

We realize that some components may not have been chosen during installation.  This directory lists these components so users can browse the page and choose to add to them without firing up the installer again.  The individual pages for each component also gives more information than the brief two lines of the installer.

Supported Components

These components are supported by the respective owner, NOT Cincom.
  • Heeg—Miscellaneous components, tools created in different commercial and research projects provided by Georg Heeg eK.

Unsupported Components

  • Add Change type filtering for the PackageComparisonTool—This package adds three Checkboxes to the Package Comparison Tool that allow the user to control what types of comparisons are to be shown or hidden. When any of these new options are turned on (checked), the comparison view will be updated so that those types of comparisons are no longer shown. The hidden comparisons can be shown again by turning off any of the options (unchecking a checked option).
  • BrowseDeprecatedIt is designed to help you track down, evaluate, and hopefully eliminate any places in your code that are calling methods that have been marked as deprecated by the Engineering team at Cincom, or by other programmers. It requires at least VisualWorks 8.0 or ObjectStudio 8.6 to operate. The browser can be opened by picking the “Browse -> Senders of Deprecated” menu item from the VisualWorks Launcher window, or by executing the following code: Smalltalk.DeprecatedSendersBrowser openDeprecatedSenders
  • BrowseOverridesIt is designed to help users quickly review any methods in an image that have been overridden by extensions in other packages. In preliminary testing, these extensions have been shown to work in VisualWorks 7.6 and versions after that.
  • BugTraffic—A game for simulating city traffic using insects.
  • Chronos—The Chronos Date/Time Library  (Beta version).
  • COAST—The COAST Framework facilitates the development of synchronous cooperative applications (synchronous groupware), allowing a group of users to work jointly and simultaneously on shared data (such as a document).
  • EmoteSupport—EmotSupport adds Emoticons (like the ones in AIM, etc).  In the Typeless IRC client, text emoticons become images with the support of that package.
  • EncryptedSettings—EncryptedSettings adds optional encryption to XML files used for storing settings.
  • HotDraw—HotDraw is a framework for building structured, 2D drawing editors. Originally implemented by John Brant.
  • InterBase—The InterBase/Firebird Connect provides access to InterBase (version 6.x) and Firebird (version 0.9.x and higher) databases.
  • JNIPort—JNIPort is a Smalltalk library which allows Java code to be invoked from Smalltalk. It acts as a bridge between the world of Smalltalk objects and a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) where Java code is executing.
  • LDAP—LDAP is a software development kit for Smalltalk.
  • Moose—Moose is an environment for re-engineering object-oriented systems. It provides a FAMIX language independent meta-model for Smalltalk, C/C++, Java, and Ada; multiple models repository; metrics; XMI and CDIF input/output; grouping; querying; navigation; analysis and integration tools.
  • NetResources—NetResources provides a simple API for accessing content via URIs.
  • Silt—Silt is a blog server implementation for VW 7.x.  The SSP files needed by the server are in the directory <sources>.
  • SIXX—SIXX is a generic XML serializer written in Smalltalk. Currently, the library is ported to Cincom Visualworks, Squeak, and Dolphin Smalltalk. You can store and load Smalltalk objects in a portable, dialect-independent XML format.
  • Spy—Spy consists of Smalltalk profiler tools and a code analysis framework.
  • StackOverflow—The StackOverflow tool is used to monitor all processes in the system. If a process has jumped far beyond the stack depth of a normal process, it will halt the process with a message of ”stack overflow” to allow the developer to check if the code is correct or not.
  • StarBrowser—The Star Browser allows you to browse the Smalltalk environment and classify anything you encounter while doing so.
  • StMath/StCAD—StCAD is a framework for 3D motion simulation.
  • T-Gen—A parser generator for Cincom Visualworks.
  • ThreePaneSelectorsBrowser—The ThreePaneSelectorsBrowser package enhances ”Implementors for Selector…” and ”Senders for Selector…” in the VisualWorks System Browser. Instead of a single dialog that prompts for a selector and shows you the first match, this package opens up a three pane browser that allows you to change the search criteria by altering the input text box.
  • UML—UML is the Joops UML framework and includes the Rational Rose tool.
  • VRGoodies—VR Goodies is a collection of goodies put together by James Robertson over the last 15 years.
  • BottomFeeder—the Facebook interface, the Tumblr interface, and the Twitter interface. Also included: The interfaces to Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • WikiWorks—WikiWorks is a Wiki for Cincom VisualWorks.