With such a high productivity
factor that Smalltalk gives us, reaction times to market changes have enabled us to beat most of our competitors.

Dr. Colin Lewis, Vice-President, JPMorgan

Here’s Your Chance to Make a Difference in 2019

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Want to make a difference for the programming language you love?Smalltalk enthusiasts throughout North America are looking to put together a series of Camp Smalltalk-style events in 2019 and REQUEST YOUR INPUT. They’ve put together a survey to gather more information from both those who love Smalltalk as well as those who are unfamiliar with this awesome programming language.

If you have a current meetup or camp-style event already scheduled and you’d like to see a bunch of Smalltalkers join in the fun, please add your feedback to the comments section of the survey below. WE NEED YOU TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS so conference organizers can deliver events you want to attend and are excited to bring friends to.

  • HERE’S YOUR CHANCE: Click here to share with us your thoughts!