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Smalltalk Digest: May Edition

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Welcome to the May 2018 edition of the Cincom Smalltalk™ Digest. In this edition, the new releases of Cincom Smalltalk are available for customers and partners, Arden Thomas continues his DomainMaster Hidden Gems series and we feature a few videos by Suzanne Fortman. Check it out below:

Cincom® ObjectStudio® 8.9.1 and Cincom® VisualWorks® 8.3.1 Are Here!

It is our pleasure to bring you the current version of Cincom Smalltalk. This release includes the releases of Cincom ObjectStudio 8.9.1 and Cincom VisualWorks 8.3.1.

Cincom is the leading provider of commercial Smalltalk in the world. Cincom Smalltalk adds value and simplicity to application development software, web application development tools and deployment environments. ObjectStudio is an ideal solution for developing custom applications for Windows® while VisualWorks is the ideal solution for enterprise-level, multilingual, cross-platform, custom application development.

Both ObjectStudio and VisualWorks share the same core libraries and foundation, which means foundation improvements improve both products. The current releases of Cincom ObjectStudio 8.9.1 and Cincom VisualWorks 8.3.1 are maintenance releases and contain fixes and improvements to the last major releases. Recent major releases include:

What’s in This Release

  • Cincom Smalltalk Foundation
    • Help2 (based on DITA-XML standards and Text2)
    • HTTP/2 protocol support
    • ODBC3 support and more in our foundation, which serves both products
  • Cincom ObjectStudio 8.9
    • Enhancements for the Next-Generation User Interface (NGUI)
    • Many refinements
    • ObjectStudio also shares a foundation library and VM, as well as many of the same improvements as VisualWorks.
  • Cincom VisualWorks 8.3
    • UI Skinning color enhancements
    • OS X retina support
    • OS X graphics performance improvements
    • OS X 64 VM
    • Linux PPC 64 VM
    • In preview are
      • “Classic Skins” to assist application upgrades
      • Windows HiDef support
      • 64-bit permspace, VMs for AIX64 and Linux Arm for Raspberry Pi

For these new releases, hundreds of action requests (ARs) were addressed in the foundation used by both products. 

To learn more about these new releases, please see the product release notes. The release notes contain new feature descriptions and descriptions of the ARs and support resolutions that were addressed. You can request media or an FTP transfer of the product. For other options, please speak with your account manager.

If we can assist you in any way, please contact us here.

What Value Can You Create Using Cincom Smalltalk?

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Have you dreamed of being wildly successful and creating the next “big thing” in the development world? Maybe you’ve had grand visions of where you would like to be, but have never found a solution to help you get down that path.  Why not give Cincom Smalltalk a try?

In this short video below, listen to Suzanne Fortman, the Program Director of Cincom Smalltalk, tell one of her favorite stories about the journey to success two men took using Cincom Smalltalk. It is an incredible story about the value these two created for themselves as they developed an application their company couldn’t operate without.

“The world is your oyster with Cincom Smalltalk’s Personal Use License. Download it today and see what you can do, what cool applications you can write, and become a Cincom Smalltalk partner.” – Suzanne Fortman

Bringing Together: Data API, TLS, JSON Parsing, Drawing, Text2 and DomainMaster

Contribution from Arden Thomas, Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager

The purpose of the Hidden Gems Screencast is to give developers who use Cincom Smalltalk some valuable insight into useful abilities of the products that may not be obvious.

This episode is a series of short screencasts that uses several past hidden gems techniques and brings them together in the context of building applications.  It continues and extends the Stock domain and DomainMaster framework examples.

Some topics assembled:

You can watch the video below:

If you have any questions, please send them or other comments and suggestions to  Thanks!

Cincom Smalltalk Stories

Each Thursday, we highlight a different Cincom Smalltalk story on Facebook and Twitter using the trending hashtag #ThursdayThoughts. In fact, recently, Suzanne Fortman talked about this in a more humorous way.  Check out this lighthearted video by Suzanne here:

Recently, we highlighted:

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for these and other updates throughout the month.

Are You Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

All businesses start somewhere.  A few of the stories referenced above are describing well-established organizations. But many of our customers and partners started with an application they either made on their own time or with limited resources at their disposal.  In the Mobile App Development for Apple® Products and Android™ Using Cincom Smalltalk story, David Buck of Siberon said:

“I was chatting with Suzanne Fortman before the OOPLUCON conference and asked how Simberon could get Cincom support for the mobile game I was developing when it was far too early at that time to negotiate a VAR license. She suggested the new REV Program, so I decided to purchase it right away.” 

Just like David, you have an opportunity to use Cincom Smalltalk to grow your business. Here is a valuable opportunity to partner with us, be innovative and rev up your business to the next level using Cincom Smalltalk!  Join the Rev Program―a  quick, easy way to partner with us and grow your business with a limited Value Added License AgreementAt only $500, it’s a great investment that could pay big dividends as you grow your business. Plus, this program gives you all the benefits of being a customer with us.

Don’t let another day go by. Let’s grow your business together:

“How Do I … ?” Frequently Asked Questions

The Cincom Smalltalk Product Team fields questions from partners, customers and users of Cincom Smalltalk about a number of topics concerning our products. Some of these include topics about customer orders, product installation and website navigation among others. In order to provide a better user experience, we have created a “How Do I … ?” frequently asked questions knowledge base on our website. To check out the growing archive of these questions, click here.

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Upcoming Events

Don’t miss out on these valuable opportunities to meet with other developers, learn more skills, grow in knowledge and network with other like-minded individuals:

BGE HOME’s HVAC Sales Division was providing personal, in-home service; however, everything was dependent upon paper. The sales team worked from Excel® spreadsheets that were printed and placed in binders. At the customer’s home, BGE HOMES’ reps would present what was available from these spreadsheets, take orders on paper and bring them back to the office, where someone would manually enter them into an ERP system. This process was cumbersome to say the least. The company wanted a more efficient online process that would result in an immediate, professional-looking presentation they could leave with the customer.

Keith Brierley-Bowers, Director of Business Processes, was in charge of leading the search, along with a team of sales management and IT professionals. He says, “We had already selected three tools for evaluation when we met Cincom at a Microsoft® User Group Conference. We struck up a conversation, and they quickly became the fourth vendor we wanted to evaluate.”

The Results

Cincom CPQ™ is having a large positive impact on our sales, sales support and our install support teams. It’s already made it easier to onboard new sales reps because many of the rules they previously had to remember are embedded in the application. Our veteran reps really like carrying a thin tablet instead of a 12-inch binder and a folder full of paper forms when they walk into a house. And the professional presentation seems to be having a positive impact on our customers, too.”

Click here to learn more about BFGE Home’s use of Cincom CPQ.