With such a high productivity
factor that Smalltalk gives us, reaction times to market changes have enabled us to beat most of our competitors.

Dr. Colin Lewis, Vice-President, JPMorgan

Cincom® ObjectStudio® 8.9 and Cincom® VisualWorks® 8.3 Are Here!

The new releases of Cincom Smalltalk™ are now available for customers and partners.

This release includes the releases of Cincom ObjectStudio 8.9 and Cincom VisualWorks 8.3. Both ObjectStudio and VisualWorks share the same core libraries and foundation, which means enhancements on the foundation improve both products.

What’s in This Release

The current releases of Cincom ObjectStudio 8.9 and Cincom VisualWorks 8.3 are major releases. Recent releases contain noted Version 2.0 revamps, which represent significant improvements and new features. These Version 2.0 changes have included AutoComplete2, Text2 and SourceCodeEditor2 for the Foundation tools; a Next-Generation User Interface (NGUI) for ObjectStudio; and Look&Feel2 (UISkinning) for VisualWorks. This release includes:

  • Cincom Smalltalk Foundation
    • Help2 (based on DITA-XML standards and Text2)
    • HTTP/2 protocol support
    • ODBC3 support and more in our foundation, which serves both products
  • Cincom ObjectStudio 8.9
    • Enhancements for the Next-Generation User Interface (NGUI)
    • Many refinements
    • ObjectStudio also shares a foundation library and VM, as well as many of the same improvements as VisualWorks.
  • Cincom VisualWorks 8.3
    • UISkinning color enhancements
    • OS X retina support
    • OS X graphics performance improvements
    • OS X 64 VM
    • Linux PPC 64 VM
    • In preview are
      • “Classic Skins” to assist application upgrades
      • Windows HiDef support
      • 64-bit permspace, VMs for AIX64 and Linux Arm for Raspberry Pi

      For these new releases, over 700 action requests (ARs) were addressed in the foundation used by both products.

      To learn more about these new releases, please see the product release notes. The release notes contain new feature descriptions, and descriptions of the ARs and support resolutions that were addressed.

      If we can assist you in any way, please contact us here.