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have enabled us to build a true small-business framework which we can reutilize and tailor for each new customer context.

Serge Lehmann, EBC Informatique Project Manager

Using Polycephaly/MatriX in Cincom Smalltalk™

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A Product Management Mini Survey

The purpose of product management mini surveys is to make sure that we communicate, listen and understand customer and user requirements, needs and issues.

Polycephaly and MatriX are our solutions for utilizing the full power of your multi-core CPU and enhancing throughput.

Most commercial applications do not leverage the power of today’s multi-core CPUs, largely in part to the fact that it is not trivial to do so.  Product management thought that this capability would be a large benefit to Smalltalkers, and challenged engineering to develop something in this space.   It was a challenge because doing something meaningful was daunting. What came from that challenge was our multi-core solution.  The result fit the requirements of product management; it’s simple, pragmatic, easy to use and effective.  The framework our engineers developed is called Polycephaly—a term meaning “many heads.” In talking to customers, several seem to be using it and enjoying its advantages.

MatriX is the next generation of Polycephaly and is a framework you can add for basic concurrency.  It’s really easy to change your code to use MatriX and receive greater return on investment and a huge amount of improvement.

Cincom Smalltalk product management wants your feedback on your use and suggestions for these frameworks.

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Arden Thomas
Cincom Systems, Inc.
Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager