With such a high productivity
factor that Smalltalk gives us, reaction times to market changes have enabled us to beat most of our competitors.

Dr. Colin Lewis, Vice-President, JPMorgan

Brisbane Smalltalkers to Meet

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Smalltalkers in Brisbane, Australia will be holding a meeting on Tuesday, January 31 at The Edge, SLQ Stanley Place.

The meeting will focus on “Trade Smalltalk (The Real OO Language) feat. The Smalltalk/Blockchai­n Project.”

An agenda has been established, which includes:

  • A “newbie” Q&A
  • A discussion on how to make Smalltalk applications resonate with their intended users
  • How to effectively use and get the most out of model objects
  • A discussion on making model objects persist—from SQL to Gemstone/GLASS
  • The attempt to hook a brand of Smalltalk up with a blockchain

For additional information or to join the group, please click here.