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Tom Nies

How Raspberry Pi, a Windows Phone and Cincom Smalltalk™ Worked to Improve a German Exhibit

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HeegCincom Systems and Georg Heeg eK are co-sponsors of the expansion, and just like the original project, all of the programming was done using Cincom® VisualWorks®.

There are two new exhibits: The “Guess What XYZ Means in ABC Dialect” game and a sound station with 70 buttons, 70 LEDs and a few hundred sound files. The idea was to have a map of Germany with interactive buttons that would allow you to hear the spoken dialect of the region that was pressed.

Heeg decided that the most efficient hardware to make these new exhibits work was a Raspberry Pi.  Then, to speed up the connection of the hardware, a virtual machine was created with Cincom VisualWorks to be used with a Windows mobile phone.  Once this VM was created, the exhibit ran wonderfully.  The Smalltalk implementation and user interface were straightforward and allowed the exhibit to run very smooth.

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