The VisualWorks package provides
one of the best software development environments. Lam software engineers have been able to focus their efforts on the control functionality or control enhancements that provide a product differentiation for the Lam 300mm equipment.

Cincom Speakers Inform and Inspire at ESUG 2015

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ESUGThe conference kept attendees busy via a variety of activities, including some very informative and interesting presentations, including those of our very own Cincom speakers, including Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager, Arden Thomas and Cincom Smalltalk Engineers, Niall Ross, Jerry Kott and Andreas Hiltner.

The Cincom speakers received many favorable and positive comments regarding their presentations and enjoyed being part of this important event.

Even though ESUG 2015 has wrapped up for another year, you can still see the presentations that were given by our Cincom speakers.  To view the presentations, please click here.