The VisualWorks package provides
one of the best software development environments. Lam software engineers have been able to focus their efforts on the control functionality or control enhancements that provide a product differentiation for the Lam 300mm equipment.

Cincom Smalltalk Account Executive Explains “Pricing Model” in New Video

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The video discusses how Cincom works with its clients and lists the three specific categories that clients tend to fall into including:

  1. Corporate Customers,
  2. Value Added Resellers and
  3. System Integrators.

With this video, Doug provides a basic understanding of how Cincom Account Executives work with clients to fully understand their needs and goals for the future and then determine the appropriate paths and options.

To watch this informative video, click below.

We hope this information has provided you with a basic understanding of how we work with our customers.  The next step to better understanding which license type is best for you is to get information directly from one of our Cincom Account Executives.  We recommend a five or ten minute phone call with one of our Account Executives.  However, if you prefer email, that is fine too.  Please send a request for an Account Executive to contact you or any other questions regarding pricing and licensing to