With such a high productivity
factor that Smalltalk gives us, reaction times to market changes have enabled us to beat most of our competitors.

Dr. Colin Lewis, Vice-President, JPMorgan

STIC’12 – Cincom Presentation Abstracts

Using Glorp with New Projects That Need to Access Legacy Data

Presenters: Mark Grinnell and Andreas Hiltner
In this presentation, Mark and Andreas will describe a medical domain that needs a new web application that must connect to multiple legacy databases.  They will also show how using Glorp and the graphical modeling and mapping tools in Cincom® ObjectStudio® will help users understand the existing data and map it intelligently to match the needs of vital new applications.  This is a situation where the freedom and flexibility of Smalltalk can really shine! 

Visit: http://www.stic.st/conferences/stic12/stic12-abstracts/using-glorp-with-new-projects-that-need-to-access-legacy-data/


Cincom® VisualWorks® Object Memory Management

Presenter: Andrés Valloud
Memory management and garbage collection are often taken for granted. In this presentation, Andrés will provide a clear picture of how object memory is managed in VisualWorks.  In addition, he will show how several enhancements have made the tuning task significantly easier and much more rewarding, and discuss several key improvements that will make VisualWorks even better in the near future.

Visit: http://www.stic.st/conferences/stic12/stic12-abstracts/visualworks-object-memory-management/


Cincom® VisualWorks® Security Reloaded

Presenter: Martin Kobetic
The Security library in VisualWorks went through sweeping changes recently. In this presentation, Martin will discuss these changes and examine their impact and backward-compatibility implications.

Visit: http://www.stic.st/conferences/stic12/stic12-abstracts/cincom-visualworks-security-reloaded/


Gimme Some Skin—a Way Forward for the Cincom VisualWorks Widget Set

Presenter: Travis Griggs
This presentation is an overview of something we call “Skins.” It will discuss the high-level design goals of the effort, some of the issues that take place when trying to organically grow a framework in the presence of another, the various “new approaches” being used in this context, and a roadmap of where we are and where we need to go. 

Visit: http://www.stic.st/conferences/stic12/stic12-abstracts/gimme-some-skin/