The VisualWorks package provides
one of the best software development environments. Lam software engineers have been able to focus their efforts on the control functionality or control enhancements that provide a product differentiation for the Lam 300mm equipment.

Demos for seaBreeze 5.0 Now Available

seaBreeze 5.0, the award-winning graphical editor suite for Web 2.0 applications, is now available.  Coinciding with the product’s recent availability, we’re happy to report that a new version of the demos will soon be available as well.  We’re also happy to inform you that the bundle SBOneClickDemos version 5.0 has been published to the Cincom public repository.

Stay tuned for the following:

  1. Patch release for seaBreeze 5.0
  2. English and German message catalogs for seaBreeze 5.0

Since seaBreeze is MIT licensed, everyone is encouraged to contribute. Examples could be porting to other Smalltalk dialects and translations to other languages.