30% of the worldwide market
of shipping containers is controlled by Smalltalk systems.

Stéphane Ducasse, Director of Research INRIA Lille

“A Quick Look at Smalltalk” Webcast Scheduled

Simberon Incorporated, a software consulting and training company based in Ottawa, Canada, has been developing object-oriented systems for over 13 years, and they are also a Cincom partner. As a team, Cincom and Simberon have been providing outstanding customer service for the past six years.

As part of that effort to provide useful Smalltalk tools, Simberon will be hosting a webcast course called “A Quick Look at Smalltalk.”  The two-day webcast, which is geared toward object-oriented software developers, programmers, programmer analysts and project leaders, will help participants learn the Smalltalk programming language, the origins of object-oriented programming, how to read and write Smalltalk code and will allow participants to develop a deeper understanding of objects.

For additional information and to register, please visit the Simberon website at http://www.simberon.com/.